In My Cupboard

-Olive oil this is my staple oil. I use it for all my work.
-Sea salt is a purifier.
-Wine Vinegar is a purifier.
-Liquore Strega* celebration, divination, offering.
-Centerba Toro* protection, health, hex-breaking.
-Honey for love and fertility.
-Rosewater for love and blessing.
-Lavender for love, health and protection.
-Rue for protection and hex breaking.
-Basil for love.
-Rosemary for purification.
-Cinnamon for purification, protection, and prosperity.
-Garlic for health, protection and hex breaking.
-Holy Water

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"There are more things, Lucilius, that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality."

-Seneca, Epistulae ad Lucilium

Conjuration/Spell Craft

In sympathetic magic, the most important thing is working when the moon is right for your specific intention. To attract a certain condition into your life, (i.e.: love), work when the moon is waxing. To rid yourself of a certain condition such as an illness, or hex-breaking, work when the moon is waning. To have your wishes granted, or to give thanks when the moon is full.

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to attract a lover

I stumbled upon this one purely by accident. After a spate of really successful encounters, I sat down and identified what each encounter had in common. The following spell is the result of the above-mentioned retrospection. Numerous people have reported to me that this is remarkably consistent. Give it a try and feel free to email me your results! ~Rue

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cutting ties

Reasons for cutting ties include the following:

You may have lost a loved one and are still struggling with your grief, as well as 'unfinished business'.

A relationship has come to an end but you still feel irresistibly drawn to the other person, even though you know it isn't healthy.

You feel controlled or dominated by someone.

You may be frightened by someone around you or from your past.

You may have feelings of guilt, or perhaps feel the need to protect or control someone else.

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Freeze Enemy

Take a picture or if you do not have a picture, a piece of paper and write their name on it. Place it between the palms of your hands like you are praying. Close your eyes and visualize this person or just 'think' them into the paper. Place it in a freezer bag with some water. Chant their name and the intention that they  be frozen or bound and that they may be led away and repelled from you.

Place it in the freezer until it is resolved.