cutting ties

Reasons for cutting ties include the following:

You may have lost a loved one and are still struggling with your grief, as well as 'unfinished business'.

A relationship has come to an end but you still feel irresistibly drawn to the other person, even though you know it isn't healthy.

You feel controlled or dominated by someone.

You may be frightened by someone around you or from your past.

You may have feelings of guilt, or perhaps feel the need to protect or control someone else.

Allow me to define what tie-cutting really means. It is about releasing your emotional, psychological and sometimes physical grasp of unwanted, unhelpful, unnecessary and unhealthy ties between yourself and people, places or to some degree, things. It's about letting go so that you can take responsibility for yourself. It's about letting go of bad feelings. It is also about continuing to love unconditionally. Tie cutting is not about withdrawing your love and friendship from other people or dismissing the other person. It is restoring the energy balance to that of unconditional love. It is about letting go and accepting people, places and things as they are and not only as you want them to be.