to attract a lover

I stumbled upon this one purely by accident. After a spate of really successful encounters, I sat down and identified what each encounter had in common. The following spell is the result of the above-mentioned retrospection. Numerous people have reported to me that this is remarkably consistent. Give it a try and feel free to email me your results! ~Rue


-red candle
-musk incense
-musk perfume oil
-garlic, tomatoes, Damiana and hibiscus tea
-garnet if you are a man -Cleopatra cartouche if you are a woman

To radiate a sexual aura: never leave the house without annointing yourself with the musk perfume oil of your choice. Believe it or not garlic is the supreme aphrodisiac! Eat plenty of garlic and tomatoes and drink hibiscus tea daily! Burn red candles and musk incense.

When entertaining the object of your desire, serve Damiana Tea, also an ancient euphoric and aphrodisiac. Note: This spell does not discriminate: it may very well make you irresistibly desirable and sexy to either sex. This spell can be performed at any time of the lunar cycle.

Good Luck! And... remember to practice 'safe spell-casting' as well as 'safe sex'. ;-)