to conceive a child


a cut-out picture or drawing of a butterfly
an almond
a long chili pepper
a lock of hair from the man and woman who wish to conceive
white cotton fabric, a sewing needle and thread

Time: the night of the new moon

Traditionally the almond is believed by many Italian traditions to protect against female disorders and the 'corno' or pepper in this case, is a ward against impotence and sterility. It is still customary for the bride and bride-groom to hand out 'bonbonniere' to their wedding guests (a small keepsake with candy wrapped in tulle). This custom evolved from the bride receiving candy-coated almonds, commonly called 'confetti' to ward off infertility.

This is a very simple spell.

The cut-out of a butterfly symbolizes contacting souls. In this case a soul that wishes to incarnate.

Make a a little pouch with the white fabric just large enough to contain the above-mentioned items.

Place both locks of hair, the pepper, the almond and the butterfly in the pouch. Sew it closed, all the while focusing on your intent to conceive a child.

Place it under the couple's bed where it will not be disturbed.

Some people like to pray to Saint Rita of Cascia as well.