Selling a House or Vehicle

This is not a traditional Italian-American thing. This spell was given to me by a dear friend who practices neo-pagan witchcraft. It worked like... magic, lol, when I was desperate, which is why I share it with you here. ~Rue

Time: Best done on a Sunday, Wednesday or Thursday during a waxing moon.

Items needed:
1. One green or blue candle
2. Fast Money, or honeysuckle or Success oil
3. Good luck or prosperity powder
4. Money, prosperity, or success incense
5. A photo of the house or vehicle being sold
6. A sheet of white typing paper
7. Adhesive tape
8. Green felt pen

Instructions: Oil the candle and put it into a holder in the center of your altar. Using the tape, fasten the photo to the center of the sheet of white paper. With the green felt pen, write "Sold" just below the photo, including the price for which you want to sell it. Then draw dollar signs and pentagrams all around the photo. Place the paper in front of the candle and sprinkle it with the powder. Chant the verse below. Light the candle and burn it for 5 minutes, while concentrating n the word "sold." Extinguish the candle. Repeat the spell, burning the candle each night for 5 minutes until it is burned out.

To sell this house is my plan.
A buyer comes with money in hand.
All love and light, the sale is done.
And I shall prosper, the battle won.


We listed our house Jan 7.
I buried Saint Joseph in the ground Feb 4.
Nothing. Not even an offer. A witchy friend got this out of a book she was reading. It worked for her Mom. :

"I did it on my Mom's house and the 2nd person to look at it put an offer in and bought the house!"

I started the spell on monday at the last week of April. I don't know what phase the moon was in. We got our first offer on the Thursday, and that person bought our house!