SCRAM! (The love is gone.)

This outstanding spell was given to me by Kris, an Italian-Canadian Wiccan in order to help rid me of an abusive situtation. It is swift and effective.

So you told your room mate/girl/boyfriend/lover/partner/husband that it's over and they still don't get the

message? Tried, tested, true...


-1 candle in their favorite color

-a lock of their hair (you pick some off their hairbrush!) OR, a small dime sized piece of an article of

clothing they wear a lot.

-black pepper


-a small carving tool to carve the candle

-pot of cauldron 

Take a brand new candle of their favorite color, carve their name the date you first met and the date you

told them it's over. Anoint the candle with honey enough to make it sticky. Glue on the hair and/or the dime

sized piece of fabric, and roll the candle in black pepper. Make sure you burn it in a well ventilated area,

in a pot or cauldron.

As the candle burns say:

" Our relationship is over _______, you may no longer stay, It is  my heart felt intention that you

immediately to go away!" 

Repeat it 13 times and let it burn all the way down. Throw what is left in the trash and put it outside.


Repeat 13 times.