Reading A Regular Deck of Playing Cards

Playing cards were my very first divination 'tool'. Long before I even new the classical interpretation of each card. Below are the meanings of the cards as I learned them and have always used them. Over the years I've tried to learn 'new' meanings and add the rest of the deck, but to no avail. The cards are a focal point for me when I channel and not the source of the information I obtain.


Reading A Regular Deck of Playing Cards


As in any form of divination, these are guidelines. The best readings are those where your own psychic powers take over! Therefore it's important to keep an open mind....

The correct name for divining the future from cards is Cartomancy. The deck I will be talking about is an ordinary fifty-two card deck. The same meanings can be applied to Neapolitan (Sicilian/ insert Italian region here) cards.


The Meaning of the Suits


Hearts- This suit is concerned with friendships, love affairs, and all domestic life.

Diamonds- This suit shows work, business, or professional trends. It is also concerned with communications and traveling.

Spades- This suit is linked with difficulties, sorrow of the emotional type, infidelity, false friends, health problems. On the whole it is generally concerned with the least attractive things in life.

Clubs- The prime concern of this suit is money and all its phases of coming and going. As well as security in all it's aspects




Hearts: Happiness in romantic affairs.

Diamonds: Letters, usually business ones.

Spades: Illness, proposals (not necessarily romantic ones), legal matters.   

Clubs: Fortune with finances, communication.




Hearts: A fair man.

Diamonds: A strong man.

Spades: A legal figure.

Clubs: A dark man.




Hearts: A friendly fair woman.

Diamonds: A fair woman but not friendly.

Spades: A divorced or widowed woman.

Clubs: A dark woman.




Hearts: A young man, often a lover.

Diamonds: A man in uniform or a letter.

Spades: A dark young man.

Clubs: A dark man with romantic intentions.




Hearts: Love!

Diamonds: A journey.

Spades: Worry that starts with the arrival of a letter.

Clubs: money to come in considerable quantities.




Hearts: Success.

Diamonds: Fresh enterprises.

Spades: Sorrow.

Clubs: Marriage bringing financial benefits.




Hearts: A visit, alternatively a present.

Diamonds: A journey, a job.

Spades: Bad news and disappointment.

Clubs: Sexual attraction.




Hearts: News of someone you love.

Diamonds: A present, information.

Spades: A period of anxiety.

Clubs: News of a dark woman.



All the cards from 2 to 6 are removed from the deck. I will not be including a spread because I believe the true power of a reader is in the spread that they invent.

Begin with a new deck of cards. Remove all cards from 2 to 6.

Some people feel that you should consecrate your cards and always keep them in a special place...NEVER using them for any other purpose.

My personal experience has been that a specific deck 'speaks' to the reader more easily and fluently with repeated usage. I wouldn't even know how to "consecrate" my cards. :) Regarding never using them for any other purpose? I would love to use my deck when playing poker... but no one else (knowingly) would!