My Reading With Annee Jawor

April 22, 2003

After reading an article about psychic mediums in the Toronto Star, I felt strongly compelled to contact Annee.

Here's my experience:

-She instantly knew I was a psychic/medium

-She accurately diagnosed my current lack of vision as being a result of 'sleep deprivation'

-She went right into my husband's unemployment and the stress it was causing him.

-Described in explicit detail how important his career is to him, and that he took a chance that had left him feeling quite disillusioned.

-She asked if I had a daughter. Yes I do.

-We were having another child, meaning our children would be born within three years of each other. Having no plans of conceiving in the near future, I found out a month later that I was pregnant with our second child. Our first had just turned 10 months old.

-She described the spirit of a little boy that I have felt around me since 1993.

-She described my late father as being "extremely attractive", football fan (European soccer) pointing at his gorgeous gray hair, and he died of cancer.  She went into the full description of my father's abusive behaviour toward me and relayed his message to me that he was 'proud of me' and that he was sorry. I took the apology with a grain of salt. Annie herself was quite upset at the description of the verbal/emotional abuse she obtained from my late father. Going as far as saying, quite accurately that my father was  very much like his father. My father's other message was that my mother was quite ill. I only found out that my mother is seriously diabetic (insulin dependent) over a year later. She has been keeping the details of her medical condition from me.

-Finally she mentioned that when my husband did find work, he would then be eligible for a position that better reflected his career goals. The catch? We'd have to be ready to move within a month to 6 weeks of being notified. The move would be scary. Near lots of water, scary water, as well as scary because it would not be anywhere near where we are living now.

As I write this, my husband has submitted his application for a permanent position within the company he is already working for, that if he is selected, would require us to move about 8 hours north of where we are living now. Incidentally, it is near scary rapids.

Learn more about Annee Jawor. Oh, and don't forget to tell her Rue sent ya ;-)