Magical Principles and Practices

Dr. Mario Pazzaglini

Statement of Magical Principles

The following is a collection of statements of principles collected from a number of practitioners from the area of Romagna. These statements give us a more detailed look at the world of the old religion and its understanding of how reality and causality work and can be used. Each statement has been agreed to by a number of practitioners and can be found in other areas of Italy as well. They represent an underbase of belief that guides daily practices and living. This collection is by no means complete, but it adds some specificity to the general principles discussed above. (The first two are similar to all magic systems and alchemy.)

Like influences like; like does like.
As above so it is here on earth.

All is alive; all thinks; all does; all wants.

Everything has a soul.

Will controls will; will controls movement.

A symbolic act is a real act.

Repetition is strength, gradual strength.

Light is life, moonlight feeds.

Breath is alive (energy).

Not all that is, is seen.

Everything has a name; knowledge of name is power.

Like sounds (puns and rhyme) convey and multiply power.

Many is confusion; confuse with multiplicity.

Reflection (mirrors) is protection; mirrors are doorways to other realms.

Distance blocks no will or vision.

Suggestion is power.

Laughing protects.

The weak believe, the wise observe.

The part equals the whole.

The eye has power.

Tone, words and rhythm can carry will.

All is cyclic but not exactly repeating.

Borders protect, especially the color red and sometimes blue.

Flying is power.

There are many worlds with many beings.

Some beings will do our bidding.

Some beings are light and some beings are dark.

Beings can be called into presence.

An idle mind can be possessed.

Children are vulnerable and need to be protected.

Distance (in place and time) does not stop seeing.

You see different things with different sets of eyes.

The dead live and participate in this and their worlds.

Envy, jealousy and false admiration rob.

Power and will can be stored in symbols and objects.

Never insult a deity.

Each curse carries a price for all concerned.

Practice of witchcraft carries a price.

Telling secrets kills power.

Practicing solitude, singing and group working build power.

Salt protects.

Red protects.

Iron protects.

Copper loves.

Metal carries and grounds power and will.

Blood carries the life of the body- it anchors the soul.

All things can have operational powers.

Wind is alive.

Burying in earth cleanses, heals and purifies.

Salt purifies and cleanses.

All movement in nature is a message.

Knots, weaving and braiding all protect.

Natural movements (rain, wind, sun) give us power.

Desire can become power.

Don't gossip, don't tell secrets, don't listen to secrets.

Disturb no spirit and give those you disturb a home.

It is possible to get out of and back into the body  by means of the soul, and act in this out-of-body state.

The number 3 is the number of impression of the will upon something or someone else. Seven augments this process in the number 21. Seven is sacred and is one quarter of the lunar cycle and thereby represents 4 (7 x 4 =28, a lunar cycle). Three protects and causes.

Complexity holds the soul and the will.