Actions of Magical Practices

by Dr. Mario Pazzaglini

The following is a list of the basic actions used in the various magical practices. This list is a distillation of many specific practices and represents some basic concepts used in Italian (and certain other) practices.


Amulets: Objects used to contain intention for protection and empowerment.


Binding: Putting a boundary around the sphere of influence of something or someone or putting a hold on something or someone to be captured for a specific reason.


Chants and Repetition: Using breath, tone and rhythm as the active principle of will to impress desired change upon the causal background.


Glances: Projecting will with the eyes.


Going out: Leaving the body while at rest to perform certain tasks or to do battle with other entities.


Hand Gestures: Projecting will with the hands and directing its action.


Notes: Slips of paper that contain a name, chant or intention for the purpose of holding and projecting that intention.


Pinning: Isolating to one place the focus of will and the locus of influence.


Projection: Putting will into the external world.


Will and Intention: This is the most basic tool. It is the personal gateway to action.