Always be learning.

I approach spirituality and magical practice in the exact same manner I approach nursing. Attending lectures is only a small part of it. YOU must read all the books. YOU must do all the research and studying. YOU must not follow texts or teachers blindly. YOU must think critically and make up your own mind. Do not fall into the trap of being told what to think or believe. It's lazy and it will not serve you. Have your own ideas. Do not get hung up on being "right". It is important to have your own ideas but, be open to changing them if the evidence supports a differing idea. And most importantly, you have to roll up your sleeves and actually do the work. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Never be afraid of failure. Mistakes and failures are the rocks and stones that become your solid foundation -a reliable and invaluable reference archive of “what did not work at that time”. What didn’t work in one instance, can be what works in another. Once that solid foundation is built, you have a solid surface you can pave with the precious gems and metals of your expertise and success.

Acquire knowledge.

Practice discernment.

Gain first-hand experience.

Maintain an open mind.

Reap the rewards.

Always be learning.