Protection Charm Charged With The Fire of Saint Michael the Archangel


Saint Michael Archangel

Angels have been around long before organized religion of any kind. The Archangel Michael represents the element of fire, and fire is the purifier and protector.

Napoletani say that prevention is the best protection. Be cautious with your hair and nail clippings. Make sure to always take possession of them after a haircut, manicure and or pedicure and then burn them. If your enemy should ever get a hold of them, they can work evil upon you.

This is a protection charm to carry if you are having the feeling that you are the target of psychic attack. It works best if you've cleansed your personal space as well as your body of any negative residue first.

Protection magic can be done at anytime of the lunar month and day.

~Tools and Ingredients~

-red felt (large enough to fit the contents, not so large to be conspicuous underneath clothing (or in a pocket or purse)

-white candle

-bay leaf

-dried red chili pepper

-coarse sea salt


-holy oil

-needle (I keep a needle reserved for spell crafting only, the same goes with scissors) and red sewing thread, safety pin (to pin charm inside clothing if you so wish)

-image of Archangel Michael. (you can print and cut out the image above to place in your protection charm.

With the sea salt, walking clockwise, make a circle on the floor large enough for you to work in. Anoint the white candle with holy oil, then light it while invoking Michael. Make a pouch with the red thread sewing it on all sides but one so you can place the objects inside. Visualize a beam of white light shining down on you igniting blue fire radiating from your body. This blue fire is Michael. Pray:


"May the Fire of Michael be above me,

May the Fire of Michael be below me,

May the Fire of Michael be beside me,

May the Fire of Michael be in front of me,

May the Fire of Michael be behind me,

May the Fire of Michael always be within me,


Fill the red felt pouch with the bay leaf, dried chili pepper, a pinch of coarse sea salt and the image of Michael. Dip the tip of the needle in vinegar, and sew the pouch to seal it. Blow out the candle and store it in a safe place. Light it only when you want to invoke the protection of Michael. The protective fire of Michael is a tremendous force not to be reckoned with... treat it with the utmost reverence, respect and responsibility. Sweep the salt to the center of the circle you were working in. Pick it up and sprinkle it just outside your front door and back door, and a little on every window sill.

Sta Benedica,