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When The Work Is Done

Six years, ten months, and five days. That is the length of time between this post and the one preceding it. I don't know what happened. No, that isn't true. I know what happened. Life happened. We have so many things going on in our lives: family, friends, school, work, household responsibilities, professional responsibilities, social obligations.... The list goes on. These responsibilities and obligations are very demanding of our time so in order to squeeze it all in, we have to make some sacrifices. Naturally, the first items on the chopping block are things that give us pleasure.

Why is that? I think it is because we fundamentally believe that we haven't earned the right to enjoy the things that give us pleasure until our "work" is done.  I also think, and I am guilty of this, that there are some of us who "save the best for last". The things that give me pleasure are on my list -way at the bottom of my list. They remain there because I do plan to get to them...when the work is done. 

I can attest that six years, ten months, and five days later, "the work" is not done. This is because "the work" although it changes and evolves, is and never will be done. It is up to us to make the time for the things that give us pleasure. The things that feed our souls. 




In searching to understand our darkness, we discover our light. ~Rue


new year dawning

My wish to all of you for this new year dawning is the ability to leave behind all that no longer nourishes your mind, body and soul, and to embrace a spirit guided life. Love, peace, joy, health and abundance to you and all you hold dear.



Our lives are an epic novel, the people we meet are characters. Some characters stay for a sentence. Some stay for a chapter, or many chapters. Some characters appear solely to move the story along, or change its course. Some characters are recurring. Some remembered fondly, others, quickly forgotten. Some are heroes. Sometimes villains are written in to make us stronger.

When you find yourself in the midst of stagnation, or sudden change, it means a chapter is ending and thus, a new one must begin for your story to continue.

The beginning of a new chapter can be energizing or terrifying.

Often the end of a chapter can be heartbreaking.

Thankfully there a times when the end of a chapter is a relief.


ghosts of Christmas past

Carrying out traditions like recreating a meal is a form of sympathetic magic. It doesn't discrminate. It recreates the mood and feeling exactly like it was.

The schifo was real and palpable. It was horrendous. I'm more ashamed I was surprised. We romanticize the past but it is what it is and nothing can change what was written.

Lesson learned.